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Fall 2014 Soccer Registration
by posted 07/14/2014

Fall 2014 Soccer registration opens 7/15/14!  The program includes Kindergarten (Saturday mornings), co-ed grades 1-2 (Monday and Wednesday evenings), and Girls/Boys grades 3-4 (Monday and Wednesday evenings, Friday and Saturday games) Girls/Boys 5-6 (Tuesday and Thursday evenings, Friday and Saturday games).  We can't wait to see YOU on the field!

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Greenland Rec's Basketball Extravaganza
by posted 05/22/2014





When: July 2nd – July 30th (Monday and Wednesday 9am- 10am)

Cost: $85/session or $20/week for “drop ins” (5th-8th Grade Boys & Girls)

Dribble Like a Pro” is taught by ball handling expert Greg Jacques. If you

have trained with TrueChampion then you know who Greg is and what he

brings to the table. Before going abroad to play professional basketball, we

have asked Greg to run one more ball handling camp for us. We feel ball

handling is the basis for the entire game. Many kids can dribble but are not

effective with it and are far from reaching their potential. We are convinced

that at most levels the player that can handle the ball the best can control the

game. We especially encourage any player who has been labeled “post

players” or “bigs” to come as we train ALL of our athletes like guards.




When: July 2nd – July 30th (Monday and Wednesday 10am- 11am)

Cost: $85/session or $25/week for “drop ins” (5th-8th Grade Boys & Girls)

This is one of all our athletes’ favorite camps. “2014 Shots Camp” is just that!

During the course of the 5 week program the goal for all players is to get up

2014 shots! The emphasis will begin with form (we will have one coach on

hand JUST to work on form) and then progressing to shooting off the dribble,

off screens, longer range, pressure shooting, foul shooting and much more.

Our mentality is simple: players do NOT take enough shots and needs these

repetitions to take their game to the next level. This camp is for players

developing their shot, and for the more advanced player that wants to take

their shooting skills to the next level. This camp will also be taught by college

coaches, college shooting guards and more.




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